Retrieval of deposits sent by mistake

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. That means that If you accidentally send a deposit to the wrong address, your coins will most likely be irretrievably lost as nobody has the key to that address. Before initiating your transaction, please double-check that the destination address contains no typos and errors.

However, if you accidentally deposit one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency address on HitBTC, we will likely be able to help you. For example, a deposit of BTC to a USDT address can be fixed.

Note that correcting such mistakes takes quite a bit of effort for several people. It is a manual process associated with high risks, and it is time-consuming. Please remember the following:

  • Retrieval of deposits sent by mistake is time-consuming. Please be prepared to wait; and
  • The equivalent of $100 will be deducted from the amount of your deposit as a funds retrieval fee.


Even after everything said above, some cases may not be helped. Please contact our Support Team to see if your deposit can be retrieved.

If you have sent your deposit to the wrong address, please fill out the form “I sent a deposit to the wrong address”. We will do whatever we can to help you.

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