"Withdrawals for this cryptocurrency are offline"

“Withdrawals for this cryptocurrency are offline. Please refer to the System Monitor page for updates.”

You may see this message when a particular cryptocurrency is undergoing maintenance. Please check the System Monitor page for more information.

“Offline” in the withdrawal column means that the withdrawals are currently suspended. As you can see from the above example, the last column may state the reason.

Wallets are sophisticated software products delivered by the developers of each cryptocurrency supported on our platform. We inspect the wallet software regularly to maintain the highest level of security. We are doing our best to implement the updates as quickly as possible, so please be patient while we finish the job.

Please keep checking the System Monitor page for updates. Once you see that the status changed to green, “Online,” you can resume the withdrawal of your funds.

If the desired cryptocurrency’s status on the System Monitor page is “Online,” but you are still unable to complete your transaction, please contact us using this form.

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