How to Deposit funds to your HitBTC account

Before depositing funds into your HitBTC account you need to ensure that our platform supports the coin you wish to send.

Coin and token tickers

On every cryptocurrency exchange digital assets are associated with their own tickers – abbreviations for the supported project’s full name. Please keep in mind that there may be more than one project using the same ticker name, and that different exchanges may use different names for the same project.

For instance, HitBTC uses abbreviation SCC for Ethereum-based StockChain coin. Some other websites, for example, coingecko.com, SCC denotes SiaCoin Classic, a token that HitBTC does not currently support, so it can not be deposited in your HitBTC account.

The list of digital assets available for deposits can be found on your “Account” page. You can see the full name of each coin and token next to its ticker.

 it is absolutely vital to make sure that both the full project name and the ticker on HitBTC perfectly match the project name and the ticker listed on the service from which your intended deposit originates, or your deposit will not be processed nor reversed.

Ethereum tokens and contract addresses

Understandably, it can be very confusing that there may be several ERC20 tokens out there bearing the same name given to them by their developers. This is why it's critically important to keep in mind that unsupported tokens deposited into your HitBTC account cannot be sent back. Please use the instructions below to avoid this unfortunate situation.

Each token has its own unique contract address. This is what it looks like in blockchain explorer (using EURS token as an example):

When you intend to deposit a certain token into your HitBTC account, you have to verify that this token has the same contract address we support. To check this, please go to your “Account page, find the token you would like to deposit and click the “Deposit” button.

You will see the link to this token’s contract address.

Double-check that the contract addresses are identical. If they are, you can safely make a deposit. If they aren't, your deposit will be lost.

How to deposit cryptocurrency on HitBTC

To deposit funds into your HitBTC account, please go to your “Account” page, generate and copy your address and use it to originate a transaction at an external service you’re using to hold your money.

Making a deposit – step by step instructions

  1. Open your “Account” page or simply click the green “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the main window.
  2. Find your cryptocurrency (you can use the “Search” field) and click the button in the “Deposit” column. This will generate your wallet address.

  1. Copy and paste this address into an external service you’re using to hold your money to initiate the transaction.
  2. For certain coins you may need to copy and paste your Payment ID into a dedicated field to initiate the transaction.

Payment ID

Some coins have additional identifier fields generally called Payment ID (e.g. DestinationTag for XRP, Message for XEM, etc).

It is very important to remember to paste your data into the correct fields when initiating a deposit. If you made a mistake or missed this step, you will have to get in touch with our support team. Find out more.

Very important: Please keep in mind that each digital asset in your account has its own unique address. Transactions confirmed on the blockchain are irreversible, so a deposit sent to the wrong address cannot be automatically processed or recalled. I sent my deposit to the wrong address.

Receive your deposit

Once your funds make their way to HitBTC, a pending transaction will show up at the bottom of your “Account page,” in the “Latest transactions” section.

The money will show up on your balance a little later.

Can I deposit fiat currencies?

HitBTC does not currently support fiat currencies (US dollars, euros, British pounds, etc.) as trading instruments, so your bank account cannot be linked your HitBTC account.

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