Making a crypto deposit

To make a deposit, open your Account page, generate and copy your address and use it to create a transaction at an external service.

Making a crypto deposit – step by step

1. Go to your Account page or just click the green “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the main window. In case you're already on your Account page, skip to step №3.


2. You will see a pop-up offering you to Deposit Crypto or Buy Crypto with a Bank Card (this option is provided by our partners). Choose the first option.

3. Find the cryptocurrency (use “Search” field at the top) and hit the “Deposit” button. This will generate your wallet address.

4. Copy and paste this address at a third-party service to initiate a transaction.

5. Copy and paste your Payment ID to a separate field before initiating a transaction (for certain coins only).

Payment ID

Some coins have additional identifier fields generally called Payment ID (e.g. DestinationTag for XRP, Message for XEM, etc.).

It is crucial to remember to paste this data into a corresponding field when sending a deposit. If you missed this step, you will need to contact our support. Find out more.

Important: Please remember that each asset in your account has a separate unique address. A deposit sent to a wrong address cannot be automatically processed, and transactions confirmed on the blockchain are irreversible. I sent deposit to a wrong address.

Receive your deposit

Once your funds reach HitBTC, you will see a pending transaction at the very bottom of the Account page, in the “Latest transactions” section.

The funds will be reflected on your balance shortly.

Deposit delays

We keep our software up to date, so on occasion you may see that the deposits feature is temporarily down for technical maintenance.

To find out the status of a deposit of a certain coin, open the System Monitor page and see the coin status in the first column “Deposits.” Red means that your deposit may have been delayed and will come through once the deposits feature is re-enabled.

Having trouble receiving your deposit? Help is on the way.

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