How to deposit safely

Before making a deposit to your HitBTC account, it is important to make sure that the coin you are going to send in is supported by our platform.

Check your current address

We are committed to remaining the most advanced exchange platform, that's why we regularly upgrade all components of our systems. Once in a while we upgrade the addresses that are used for deposits to our platform and switch to the most secure addresses available at the moment. After an upgrade, old addresses are no longer used for processing the deposits automatically. 

It's critical that you check your current deposit address in the Account section before making a deposit.

Also, it makes sense to regularly check the email associated with your HitBTC account - we will notify you about the upcoming address upgrades.

Coin and token tickers

Every platform associates assets with certain tickers – abbreviations for the full name of the supported project. Please be aware that different projects may use the same ticker name, and that different websites may list the same project names differently.

For example, on HitBTC, SCC stands for StockChain coin, which is an Ethereum token. On some other websites, such as coingecko.com, among others, SCC stands for SiaCoin Classic – a coin that is not currently supported by our platform, so it may not be deposited in your HitBTC account.

On your Account page, you can see the list of assets available for deposits. The full name of each coin and token is specified next to the ticker.

To avoid losing your money, it is crucially important to ensure that both the tickers AND the full project names on HitBTC perfectly match those listed on the service that you use for sending out your deposit.

Ethereum tokens and contract addresses

The existence of an overwhelming number of ERC20 tokens in circulation, bearing whichever name their developers assigned to them, may understandably be confusing. This is why it's vital to remember that if you deposit unsupported tokens to your HitBTC account, you will not be able to send them back. Please use the following instructions to make sure that this never happens to you.

Every token is distinguished from others by its unique contract address. This is how it looks in blockchain explorer (taking EURS token as an example):

When you're planning to deposit a particular token to your HitBTC account, you need to confirm that this token is operated by the same contract address that we support. To find that out, proceed to your Account page, locate the token you wish to deposit and hit the “Deposit” button.

You'll see the link to this token contract address as shown in the screenshot below.

Verify that the contract addresses match. If they do, you can make a deposit safely. If they don't, your deposit will likely be lost.

I have deposited a coin that is not supported by HitBTC

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