Where is my ETH token deposit?

Have you deposited Ethereum tokens into your HitBTC account but they are not showing on your balance?

Make sure you have sent original tokens.

  1. Open your Account page, choose the token you sent, click “Deposit.”
  2. Click “this contract address” to see the official token's page in the block explorer.
  3. Compare the contract address in your transaction to the contract address on the official token page.

If the contract address in your transaction does not match the official contract address, it means that this transaction sent tokens that are not supported by HitBTC. These tokens cannot be credited to your account or retrieved in any way as HitBTC does not have the software to securely process and store these tokens.

If the contract address in your transaction is correct, there are several other potential reasons why you cannot see your deposit in your HitBTC account.

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