2FA codes not working

If you have access to your device and the authenticator app but the 2FA codes generated by it are not working, please follow the instructions below. If you have lost access to your authenticator, please proceed to the following article.

What you can do if 2FA codes are not working

  1.  Please make sure that the date and time settings on your phone and your computer are set to the same correct time and time zone.
  2. Please also check the time zone settings in your HitBTC account on your Settings page.
  3.  If you have several authentication applications installed, please pay attention to which authentication app you use to generate the code: it should be the same app you used to set up your 2FA on HitBTC.
  4. If the problem persists, try logging in with your backup code which we asked you to write down or print out when you set up your 2FA.

Once you’re logged in, please disable your 2FA in the Settings and re-enable it with the new app you would like to use.

If nothing helps, please submit a request here and we will help you.

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