I Have Lost/Reset 2FA Device

If you lost your 2FA device or deleted your 2FA app, you can log in with your backup code. We suggested that you write down or print out this code during your 2FA activation: 

Just paste or type it into the field where you usually type in your 2FA code. If the backup code is correct, you will log in to your account as you usually do.

Please make sure that:

    1. The backup code is entered exactly as it was given to you (observing the lower and upper case letters).

    2. If you lost your backup code or it does not work, we will have to ask you to go through identity verification.

Once you are logged in, you can disable 2FA using the same backup code on the Security Settings page and enable it again with a new app or device.

Don't have a backup code?

We can disable 2FA for you, but please remember that this is a risky operation because your account loses part of its protection. So we will need to verify that we’re doing it upon request of the legitimate account owner. Such verification is a multi-stage process that requires your cooperation and takes a bit of time.

Please fill in the form linked below and provide us with all available information that will help us identify you as the account owner.

Useful links: 

    1. 2FA codes not working

    2. How to transfer your 2FA to a new device

    3. Click here to submit the 2FA removal request

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