It is critically important to set up 2-factor authentication (or 2FA for short) for any website that contains your private information or access to your funds.  

YubiKey is an advanced security tool supported by HitBTC. It is used for 2-factor authentication instead of generating a 2FA code in an app.

The physical key requires a human touch and cannot be remotely hacked. This way YubiKey provides the highest level of security for your accounts, making them reliably protected from phishing attempts, theft of personal information and credentials, and all the modern hack attacks.

We support the following YubiKey devices:
• YubiKey 4

• YubiKey 4 Nano, 

• Yubikey 4C, and 

• YubiKey 4C Nano.

How to set up YubiKey

1. On the Security tab of your Settings, click the "Add Yubikey" button in the Two-Step Authentications section.

2. Insert your Yubikey into the port or tap it on your mobile device. Screenshot_2020-01-16_at_12.08.34_PM.png

3. Place your cursor into the Authentication Code field and touch the button on the YubiKey.

4. The security code will appear in the field. The website automatically recognizes the code and asks you to confirm this new authenticator via email.

5. Find the confirmation email in your mailbox, click the link and you're all set!

How to log in with YubiKey

1. On the login page, enter your login and password as you always do.

2. Insert your YubiKey into the port on your device or tap it on your mobile phone.

3. Click on the Authentication Code field and touch the button on your YubiKey.

4. The security code will be typed in and recognized by the system automatically. You're in!

It works the same for withdrawals.

Important: no backup codes are provided for the YubiKey authenticator. If you lose your YubiKey, you won't be able to restore access to your account by yourself. 

Please note that your keyboard has to be set to English when you're using YubiKey for authentication. Otherwise, an incorrect code can be typed in, and it won't be recognized by the website.

Lost your YubiKey device? We can help.

We also support "classic" 2FA with code-generating apps. You can even have both types of 2FA enabled on your account at the same time.