I do not have access to my email

Your email address is your unique account identifier at HiTBTC. Once the account is created, the email address associated with it cannot be changed. 

If your email address is deactivated for any reason, or if it becomes inaccessible, that would mean that you would be unable to withdraw funds from your HiTBTC account as each withdrawal has to be confirmed via email.

How to prevent this from happening

It's important to keep close track of your email address. Don't leave it unused for too long: some email providers tend to deactivate addresses that have not been checked in a while and release them to new users later. It's a good idea to use trusted and reputable email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. 

Also, it's vital to pay attention to your email security: since it is essentially the key to your HitBTC account, you should make sure to properly secure it. Protect your account with 2FA, and regularly change your password.

How to deal with account access loss

Contact your email provider support team as soon as possible. In most cases, lost email account access can be restored.

If you’re having neither luck nor hope of restoring your access, please contact us using the form below.

Important: make sure to specify the email address to which you do currently have access.

My email is gone

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