How to make a first trade

  1. Transfer your funds to your Spot account for trading.

To start trading, your funds need to be transferred from your Wallet account to your Spot account. To do this, click on Transfer. Enter the desired amount to be transferred and click “Transfer.”

   1. Set up an order

Once your funds have been transferred to your Spot account, go to the trading terminal, select a trading pair in the “Instruments” section and set up an order.

Four types of orders are available: market, limit, stop, stop-limit. If you hover your cursor over the question mark, a brief explanation of each type of order will be displayed.

Find out more about various order types.

The screenshot below shows the buy of 0.1 BCH via market order on BCH/ETH market.

Click “Buy Market” to perform a trade.

The history of your trades on each specific market can be viewed in the “My Orders and Trades” section. Please keep in mind that only the orders that have been cancelled and rejected over the last 24 hours are displayed in this tab.

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