Hidden Orders

A Hidden Orders option enables traders to hide their orders from other traders in the order book. Once hidden, an order will remain in the order book but will be invisible to others.

Hidden orders are supported on Spot, Margin, and Futures markets and may be activated as an option for the Limit orders (Good-Til-Cancelled, Day, and Good-Til-Date/Time instructions only). 

These orders are always executed with a taker fee. An order which has been matched with a hidden order comes with a maker fee.

Please note that unhidden orders have a higher execution priority. If a hidden order is on the same price level as an unhidden one, the hidden order will be the last to be executed.

To activate a Hidden Order option, simply select the corresponding checkbox in the Buy/Sell widget on the exchange platform. Hidden orders will be marked with an Ⓗ symbol in My Orders and Trades section.

You can identify hidden orders by their displayed amount in the Reports section. The displayed amount for hidden orders is always 0.

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