Best Bitcoin and Crypto Trading App – HitBTC

Mobile cryptocurrency trading app (Android)

HitBTC’s mobile crypto trading app is built on an impressive core engine that ranks among the best of its kind for real-time clearing and order matching algorithms. On top of that, developers have built a user-friendly, intuitive crypto exchange platform that users of all kinds can quickly get used to. With API-key and PIN protected access added to the platform’s already formidable encryption and storage mechanisms, the exchange app is a secure and reliable vehicle for trading on the go. 

The app provides traders with 24/7 access to its comprehensive set of trading tools, including order books, time&sales and OHLC charts and its many market-measuring instruments. All of that is at your beck and call on the app, where you’ll be able to use it while working your way through HitBTC’s long list of available digital assets, which are kept humming by the exchange’s unparalleled liquidity.

Download it here.

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