When a coin is disintegrated, it means that trading in this cryptocurrency has been stopped on all markets.

There may be many reasons for such a turn of events: from the decision by the coin’s developers to the response to the project’s latest news.

We at HitBTC always maintain an up-to-date list of active coins and give our users the opportunity to trade the most in-demand cryptocurrencies, doing our best to keep their business safe and secure.

What happens if a disintegrated coin remains in our users' accounts?

There is usually a certain timeframe during which disintegrated coins can be withdrawn from the users’ accounts. Onсe the time runs out, they can be withdrawn only by submitting a request to our Support Team. If you missed your opportunity, please contact us here.

To avoid this time-consuming operation and withdraw the disintegrated coin by yourself on time, please follow our official channels and be informed about disintegrations: