What is a crypto swing trading strategy

Crypto swing trading is one of the most popular approaches to trading digital assets. The basic thing to understand about swing trading is that it is done to capitalize on a slightly larger time frame than the one used by day traders. The movement that occurs over a couple of days tends to be much greater than that which occurs within a 24-hour period, and swing trading is done with the aim of translating that bigger movement into bigger returns. 

Generally day traders have to make a lot of trades during the day at low profit margins in order to put enough together to make a reasonable daily profit. Swing trading takes a different approach. Swing traders make fewer but bigger trades and at longer time intervals. Because the sums involved are higher, swing trading carries with it pronounced risk. If you want to start swing trading it is really important that you put in significant time studying what you are getting into and the assets you are looking to trade. This guide is a good place to start. 

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