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Receive crypto

To get your wallet address (which allows other people to send a specific currency to you), press the Receive button in your wallet tab.

A QR code will be displayed. You can use one of the following options:

  • Copy – it will copy your wallet address as a text to a clipboard
  • Share – it allows saving and publishing QR codes in one of the installed applications

Things to consider when receiving coins and tokens

Please pay attention to the following details when sending a coin to your Wallet:

Token Family

The same token can exist in different networks, and it is very important to check that the token that you are sending and the token in our application belong to the same network.
Consequently, you should pay attention to the notifications on the Receive screen:

For your convenience, there are relevant designations displayed on the Coins and tokens screen, so that you can easily understand which network each token belongs to:

There are tokens from 7 networks in the app:

Coins with Payment ID (Memo or Destination Tag)

To top-up your Wallet with such coins and to send such coins to other people, you always need to specify the Memo or Destination Tag in addition to the Wallet address.

If you don't specify a Memo or a Destination Tag in the other wallet you're sending the coin from, your transaction may be lost.

HitBTC Crypto Wallet in Apple Store or Google Play Market.

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