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In the app, everything is done through the Wallets. To receive crypto, you need to create a Wallet for that specific coin and send the funds to the address that is generated in that Wallet. The rule is simple: one crypto asset = one wallet.
You may not send different crypto to a wallet not designed to receive it: your funds may get lost.

All your Wallets are available on the main screen of the app. The Coins and tokens screen displays all coins available in the app, and the Main screen displays the Wallets you have created.

You can access your coin Wallet either from the Main screen or from the Coins and tokens screen.

How to create/delete a wallet

To create a wallet:

  1. Go to the Coins and tokens screen where you can see all the coins available in the app (the "+" button on the bottom left of the screen).
  2. Select one of the currencies on the list and tap it.
  3. Press Create Wallet.

To delete a wallet, scroll down the wallet tab and press Delete or click ⋮ next to the coin icon and press Delete:

The wallet cannot be deleted if it contains any funds.

Balance details

Your total balance is displayed on the main screen of the app.
The USD equivalent is calculated based on HitBTC rates. To see balance details, tap on the USD equivalent.

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