App Overview

The features of the application are divided into 3 screens: the Coins and tokens screen (or the left screen), the Main screen (or the middle screen), and the BUY/SWAP screen (or the right screen) for buying cryptocurrency.

You can easily switch between the screens with a swipe or using the menu at the bottom of the screen. Here's what you can do on each screen:

  1. the Coins and tokens screen (or the left screen):
    1. View the list of coins and tokens available in the app
    2. View coin and token cards along with the actual market price and the price fluctuation graphs
    3. Create a Wallet for a specific coin or token
    4. Add coins and tokens to the Watchlist

  2. the Main screen (or the middle screen): 
    1. View and access the Wallets to receive, buy, swap, or send your coins and tokens
    2. View the Account balance and balance details
    3. View the transaction history and each transaction details
    4. Stake coins and tokens 
    5. Configure Account info and Settings and complete Identity Verification
    6. Read news from reliable sources arranged according to your portfolio

  3. the BUY/SWAP screen (or the right screen):
    1. Buy coins for cash
    2. Swap crypto (fast exchange)



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