How to claim an Airdrop

You can get free tokens when the Airdrop occurs. Stay tuned for Airdrop news on the site to receive real-time announcements.

If you have any amount of a new token’s base currency, here's how you can claim the tokens:

Step 1 

Go to your Account page.

Step 2 

The dropped token has an Airdrop label in the table. To earn tokens:

    press Claim the Airdrop option in the corresponding line


    press “3 points” button and Claim the Airdrop option then.

When your claim request has been successfully sent, the following message will be shown:

When your claim request has been successfully processed and the currency has been credited to your account, the check mark will appear:

If an error occurs during the claim progress, the X mark will be shown. Click the link to contact support:

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