Creating a master account & sub-accounts

What are sub-accounts and master account?

Sub-account is an account created and controlled by the master account.

Having sub-accounts allows you to distribute your funds between them, track and control their trading and payment activity, and restrict them from certain operations without having a direct access to them.

How to create a sub-account?

To create a sub-account, you need to complete your KYC verification. Once you get your account verified, the Sub-accounts option will become available to you. Please note that the account you have originally created on HitBTC will now become your master account.

To create a sub-account simply click the “Create sub-account” button:

Enter the email address you wish to register a sub-account with, and create and confirm your password.

Note: you cannot use an existing account for this operation.

The account should now have “Invited” status: 

The email you used to create a sub-account should receive a message from us which will contain a secure link. Clicking the link and following instructions confirms the creation of your new sub-account:

How to manage your sub-accounts?

Managing the sub-account status

Although by default the withdrawals function is disabled on sub-accounts, this can easily be changed by clicking the settings button:

You can also do this by selecting several sub-accounts at once:

Disabling the withdrawals makes it impossible to initiate a withdrawal from a sub-account. Freezing the sub-account stops all its activity. Both these options can also be reversed at any time.

Please note: trading volumes of all sub accounts and master account are summed. The fee tier is based on the total volume of sub and master accounts.

Enable 2FA on the sub-account

It is very important to enable the 2fa on your sub-account. In order to enable the 2fa you need to enter your sub-account and follow the procedure described in our article "How to secure your account using the 2fa"

Transferring funds between accounts

You can simply transfer your funds between your accounts using the master account. For this you will need to click the “Transfer Funds” button:

When you complete this operation, 0.5 BTC will be transferred from the master account directly to the selected sub-account:

This operation can be performed in different directions. But this option is only available through your master account.

Deleting sub-accounts

 Please note there is no option to delete the sub-account. All you can do is freeze it.

Tracking your sub-account activities and other features

Enabling sub-accounts also makes other features available to you. For example, you may review your sub-accounts’ balances directly from your master account’s Account page: 

 This information can also be accessed from your master account’s Reports section. You may review and export historical data for your sub-accounts using your master account.

Learn how to manage your Reports in our Support Center.

You can manage the API keys for your sub-accounts from your master account. Just click the “API keys” settings button in your Sub-accounts section, or, alternatively, proceed to the API keys settings page on your master account and select the sub-account you want to manage:

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