Markets overview

HitBTC’s portfolio currently includes over 600 coins, ranking it among the top 5 crypto exchanges by volume. Check out our volumes on Coinmarketcap. We offer trading pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI, TUSD, EURS, EOS.

It's easy to keep track of new markets opening up: we post notifications right in the upper part of the exchange window. Following our Twitter also helps you to stay informed of all the recent updates.

We at HitBTC always welcome new tokens and are excited about the steady flow of proposals to add a coin or token. We meticulously check each company’s credibility and the coin’s technology to make sure that only the most trusted and promising cryptocurrencies are added.

The HitBTC Business Development Team is always in touch with the potential projects to support, making the process go quickly and smoothly. It has never been easier to add a new coin to the exchange. Sometimes the negotiations take less than 24 hours, and if, having done our due diligence, we are convinced that the token and the project are sound and show great potential, the token is added within a couple of business days, as soon as the technical side of things is deployed.

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