HitBTC Telegram chat rules

We strive to keep our community as safe as possible so we ask you to follow some rules essential for our community.

To have a better experience, and guarantee the safety of our community, please take into account the following rules applying to our chats: flooding, pumping, spamming, mentioning other exchanges, and posting FUD or misinformation are strictly forbidden.

Bot and spam accounts are not allowed and please refrain from posting any personal information.

Referral links or advertising of any kind is not allowed. This includes encouraging people to use external services. Panhandling is also strongly discouraged.

Any chat member posting inappropriate content will be immediately banned. This includes ethnic slurs, violent, explicitly graphic, or sexually suggestive topics or media.

To stay safe please be aware of Private Messages, and don't click on links from unknown sources. Block anyone that offers 'assistance' via Private Messaging, especially if you encounter someone asking you to share any private information, such as passwords, payment details, etc. No agent from our company will ever reach out to you privately via Telegram or ask for deposits in order to help you.

Communication in all our groups is based on mutual respect. Using CAPS Lock is strongly frowned upon. Disregarding other users’ needs or feelings, bullying and insults will result in an immediate ban.

We enjoy having a multicultural and multilingual community here at HitBTC, so please make sure you are following our rules. We make them for your safety and comfort.

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