If you deposited USDT20 to your HitBTC account, you will need to convert these funds to USDT first to start trading. Since these two stable coins have the same value, only markets for USDT are open. You won't be able to find a market for USDT20 in our Instruments.

After you're done trading, you can convert your USDT back to USDT20 if you would like to withdraw your funds to your ERC-20 wallet.

How to convert?

You can perform a direct conversion between USDT and USDT20 without the extra step of placing an order. Here's how it's done. 

1. Go to your Account page.

2. Hover your cursor on the USDT or USDT20 line to see the "Convert" button. 

3. If you already have the coins that you'd like to convert (USDT or USDT20), just go ahead and click "Convert to USDT/USDT20."

4. A new panel will open. Enter the amount that you would like to convert and click "Convert." The funds will be instantly transferred to your USDT account (if you're converting USDT20) or to your USDT20 account (if you're converting USDT).

Done! Now you can use the transferred funds for all of your trading needs or withdraw them.


Note: Alternatively, you can use an API method to convert USDT to USDT20 and vice versa. The conversion method is described in our API documentation