Security tools available from HitBTC

Use our security tools

HitBTC offers an entire security control center. Learn more about it to stay safe.

  • Email notifications about new IP logins

Whenever you or someone else logs in from a new IP address, we send you an email notification. Keep an eye on your inbox.

  • Terminating all sessions

That is a way to kick potential intruders out of your account. All active sessions, except yours, will be terminated.

To do it, you would need to go to your ”Settings” page. Then open the ”Security” tab and click on the “Terminate all sessions” button.

  • Automatic logout

To enable Automatic logout, you will need to go to your “Settings” page. Then open the “Security” tab and click on the drop-down menu to select the desired time period after which you will get logged out automatically.

  • Latest activity

At HitBTC you can track all account activities. Go to ”Settings” page, and open the ”Security” tab. All sign-ins, password changes, enabling or disabling 2FA, money withdrawals and other important events are recorded there.

  • Whitelisting withdrawal addresses

This brand new feature lets you create a list of approved addresses to withdraw your funds to. It is a great tool to prevent a withdrawal to an unknown address in the event that your account or even your email gets compromised. This is a perfect way to triple-secure your funds (in addition to 2FA and confirmation emails).

Learn how to use it here.

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