Trollbox Rules

To keep our community united and the Trollbox environment peaceful and professional, we at HitBTC have assembled a set of rules intended to provide the best chatting experience to all participants. Please follow these rules to ensure that everyone feels respected and heard as well as to protect the members of Trollbox from unwanted content. Those who violate our Rules will be given a warning and, in extreme cases, banned from the chat.

1. Absolutely no side links in Localized rooms (except for the links on HitBTC website or blog).

Panhandling is strongly discouraged. Chat members asking for free coins will be given a warning and may be banned for a repeat offense.

2. HitBTC strives to keep the community as safe as possible so please refrain from posting any information regarding your HitBTC account. Also please keep an eye on other chat members to ensure no private information is posted openly.

3. Please follow the netiquette and refrain from writing in capitals, excessive swearing, or flooding the chat.

4. Make sure to leave religion and politics outside of HitBTC Trollbox, unless all the chat members consider the discussion relevant and inoffensive. Any chat member making offensive statements will be immediately banned.

5. Any chat member posting inappropriate content will be immediately banned, whether the posting is in plain text or contains links. Inappropriate content stands for:

  • pornography or sexually suggestive items/themes
  • adult content – topics that are not suitable for minors
  • racial/ethnic slurs
  • violent or explicitly graphic themes.

7. To stay safe, please don’t trust those who may claim to speak on behalf of HitBTC team in the chat. This is a very important point to remember, especially if you encounter someone asking you to share any private information, such as logins, passwords, payment details, etc. Users who engage in this type of behavior will be immediately banned by our moderators. HitBTC team members will never ask you to disclose your private information, and HitBTC chat is not an official channel for communicating with the team.

8. HitBTC welcomes traders with all levels of experience. We are asking our users to be considerate and helpful to all traders regardless of their level of knowledge.

9. We enjoy having a multicultural and multilingual community at HitBTC, and this is why there are several language rooms in Trollbox. Please choose the corresponding language chat to talk to your peers in one of the available languages.

10. Communication in HitBTC Trollbox is based on mutual respect. Disregard of other users’ needs or feelings, bullying and insults will result in an immediate ban.

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