When I will receive coins after the airdrop which you supported?

The delivery and distribution of coins after a fork usually takes a bit of time. First, we have to receive the tokens, integrate them into the platform, create wallets, and set up and fine-tune the software. Please allow a few weeks after the date of the fork for the new coins to appear on your account.

While waiting, please make sure that you are eligible to participate for the distribution:

  • Check the time and date of the deposit: it should be before the time and date of the snapshot;
  • Check the time and date of the trades, if you have obtained the coins by buying them on the exchange;
  • Please make sure you have not sold or withdrawn the coins before the time and date of the snapshot.

To find out the time and date of snapshot, you will want to browse the project's website. It should contain information about the exact time&date of the block forked. If it contains only block number, you may see its time&date on the block explorer.

If you have not received the coins even though you believe you should have, feel free to fill out the form here.

Please make sure that this airdrop has been supported by HitBTC before submitting your request. The notification about this event can be found on our official channels:

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